Journalism by Jack Skelley

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Hudson Yards Vs The Vessel
Architecture critics seem to detest Hudson Yards. But why such venom for its public art, The Vessel?
Form magazine, May, 2019


Cities in Motion: Ups and Downs in the Mobility Revolution
From flying taxis to autonomous vehicles, new mobile technology is taking us to a future that might be either The Jetsons or Blade Runner.

Form magazine, March, 2019

The Hackable Building: From Corporate to Cool for Tech Tenants
Silicon Beach is on fire, inspiring smart new architecture
Form magazine, March 20, 2013

Downtown Los Angeles Ascends to International Prestige
It’s a magnet for developers and buyers, and the world has taken notice
California Homes, July 1, 2013

Studio Visit: Cliff Garten
There are rare artists whose work crosses so many disciplines that categories fall short
The Architect’s Newspaper, August 7, 2012

Digital Dreams
L.A.’s emerging Silicon Beach Boosts Architects
The Architect’s Newspaper, Dec 11, 2012

Why America Needs More Robotic Parking
Common in Asia and Europe, parking that automatically stores and retrieves cars is only now catching on here
The Atlantic, September 4, 2012

Tear Down That Freeway!
America’s infrastructure is crumbling. And that’s a good thing—at least when it comes to freeways
Urban Land, April 20, 2011

Cultivating Creativity
Three architects seek and find inspiration
Form magazine, January, 2011

Village People
This article in Riviera magazine, San Diego, received First Place award in the San Diego Chapter of Professional Journalists, 2010. Category: Magazines, Real Estate. 
Riviera magazine, May, 2009

New Transportation Planning in the O.C.
Can Orange County catch up and join transportation’s brave new world?
Riviera magazine, January, 2010

Creative Karma at Neuhouse Hollywood.  Essay on chic co-working space. Perhaps most exciting about this space is its architectural and artistic pedigree. 

Form magazine, November, 2015